June 16, 2024

Eliot's Bitcoin Wallet in the series Mr. Robot

Eliot's Bitcoin wallet in the TV series "Mr. Robot"

Crypto enthusiasts unmistakably grasp the presence of digital currencies. This time Bitcoiners consideredBTC address in the popular TV series "Mr. Robot" and in honor of Thanksgiving, they sent their coins to this address.

"Mr. Robot" (release date — 2015) — is an American TV series about a young, mentally unstable genius hacker named Elliot Alderson. His writers pay a lot of attention to detail. So, on November 24, an episode was released in which the main character uses his experience and knowledge of crypto technologies to launder money.

Mixers help users hide their personaltransaction history, as these services mix coins between a large number of users. It was along this path that Elliot went, noticing the traces that subsequently converted the stolen cryptocurrency into fiat.

Viewers saw the balance of the account on the Elliot device andfound out on Blockchain.com that it really exists. They started sending him coins. Of course, one may wonder why sending your cryptocurrency number one is unclear where? However, there are examples of stories where people try to save the characters they see in a television show, almost believing that they are real. In this case, the participants in the crypto community did this rather as an entertainment.

We can also view information by address andhis transaction history. P2PKH (Pay To Public Key Hash) address 1MbwAEKJCtPYpLPxEkUmZxwjk63nQrpbXo was discovered here. At the time of writing, the day after the broadcast there were 16 transactions in the BTC wallet. The total amount sent to the address was 0.003508 BTC, approximately $25.

Let's see if they will send bitcoins further. Meanwhile, BTC currently costs about $ 7,750, over the past 24 hours it has added 1.74%.