March 21, 2023

Opera became the first browser to integrate a bitcoin wallet

Opera became the first browser to integrate a bitcoin wallet

Opera web browser developers have added support for TRON bitcoin payments and cryptocurrencies in their application for Android devices, CoinDesk writes.

From now on, Opera users will be able toPayments to Bitcoin (BTC) directly from the built-in digital wallet in the application and interact with decentralized applications on the TRON network. According to the company, these features can help attract new holders from its database of 300 million users to cryptocurrencies.

“Most have heard about Bitcoin, and we decided to add support for it, as well as introduce a wider group of users to this feature”, - said the head of the cryptocurrency direction in Opera, Charles Hamel.

In July 2018, the Opera app for AndroidEthereum wallet has been added. The company explained this decision by its desire to contribute to the development of Web 3.0 and implement the vision of creating a decentralized Internet of the future on the blockchain. Later, the release of a cryptocurrency-oriented browser for iOS and a desktop version with support for a digital wallet took place.

Hamel claims that Opera applications are already optimized for working with Web 3.0, however, the integration of bitcoin required additional resources due to the differences of the first cryptocurrency.

“Bitcoin is a completely different phenomenon that requires its infrastructure and has a payment-oriented application scenario”- he added.