May 28, 2023

Deutsche Börse will introduce a simplified regime for the purchase of digital securities

Deutsche Börse (DBVN), a German venture capital firm, will simplify the purchase of digital securities for institutional investors.

DBVN has partnered withFrankfurt-based Cashlink, a financial technology company since 2016. Such cooperation will enable DBVN investors to finance using distributed ledger technology (DLT). In addition, digital securities will have the same regulatory guarantee that Deutsche Börse provides in relation to conventional instruments.

“A new initiative from our partner will simplifyraising capital for young companies in our network, and the purchase of digital securities will be carried out in accordance with the current legal framework, ”said Peter Fricke, DBVN CEO.

Cashlink CEO Michael Duttlinger (MichaelDuttlinger) added that digital securities can be an alternative to conventional venture financing, and can also be used to digitally share or finance investors outside Europe.

Germany is gradually becoming more loyalto blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Last week, Deutsche Börse, together with Commerzbank, conducted a test transaction for the sale of securities through the blockchain. In February, the German derivatives exchange Eurex planned to launch futures tied to digital assets.