April 23, 2024

Cryptocotics, but should we dig up European football?

Otherwise, there is a suspicion that not only drug money was running through Bitfinex and the QuadrigaCX pyramid, but also shady moneyfrom footballers from Italy, England and further everywhere.

Given: Football agent Giuseppe Pagliara (Giuseppe ‘Pino’ Pagliara) and the scandal with the organization of agreements. In which very famous faces in football are involved. The patient himself, by the way, lives in Manchester (UK). Charges were brought against him and his colleague Dax Price. Naturally, they deny everything in court, realizing that we can easily talk about a criminal. Pagliara himself already received a five-year excommunication from Italian football, being the general manager of the Serie B club Venezia as part of the “Genoa case” for organizing a deliberate discharge to the team from Genoa. Then he brought out without a pale suitcase with 250K euros from a meeting with the chairman of the rival club. Easy to get off. It will be harder now.

And that's why. Pagliari is also a vice-president of the European division of this technique. TCA Bancorp, which is naturally not a bank, but a gasket for running muddy dough. And what is she famous for?

“So, there is an office called TCA Bancorp.It disguises itself as a bank, but in fact it’s just another pissing gasket. Covered in the case of missing millions after the collapse of the crypto-bearing pyramid QuadrigaCX. The client for this gasket was another gasket - GTS Resources Limited. And also the “legendary technical equipment” Crypto Capital Corp and its multiple reincarnations. Which, in turn, were used by the Bitfinex crypto exchange for fiat deposits/withdrawals. […] Previously, about $300 million was withdrawn from Bitfinex through the GTS route to TCA Bancorp. That is, to the office of a paid CIA informant."

In general, another Italian (in addition to those mentioned inhacker sink, as well as finder Giancarlo Devazini and techdir Paolo Ardoino), grazing in the UK, related to Bitfinex. Heaped down. The whole Italian team in Finike. I feel that the guys from the FBI and Canadian law enforcement officers are already talking with their British colleagues about separate conversations with Paliari on the topic of laundering and stealing money in the pyramid.