February 4, 2023

Bitfinex, Bitcoin and the CIA?

Now about the ongoing trash around Bitfinex and Tether. By the way, if you have not yet withdrawn money from this "Crypto-exchanges", then you are a complete idiot. Or an old participant in the pyramids, who calculated the moment of collapse of the shop. Or they themselves are a fraudster from Phenicia. But most likely you are just an idiot who thinks he has time. In MMM there are also many who thought so, and then in the rain and in the cold with posters stood like suckers. Now to the point.

So, there is a TCA Bancorp office. Disguised as a bank, but in fact another pissing gasket. Illuminated in the case of the missing millions after the collapse of the cryptobir ... the QuadrigaCX pyramid. The client for this gasket had another gasket - GTS Resources Limited. As well as the “legendary techie” Crypto Capital Corp and its multiple reincarnations. Which, in turn, were used by Bitfinex crypto-exchanges for input / output of fiat. And of course, the very collapsed Quadriga. And as you remember, when the New York City Prosecutor’s Office took Bitfinex for asshole for laundering drug money, they began to hysteria and fidget like a hot pan. And then they also filed several counterclaims. And suddenly a ride.

On the docks of the TCA, the name of a certain David pops upStafford (David Stafford). Intel_Jakal immediately realized that it smells a) of a denomination of b) a pseudonym, because the patient behaved ambiguously in the correspondence. Firstly, he claimed that TCA did not conduct any business with Quadriga and Cryptocapital (Valera, we believe!). Secondly, he threatened to gloomily condemn everyone for defamation, who would mention the pyramid and the long-suffering technicals along with Stafford's technicals. Thirdly, he and his colleagues allegedly helped return a certain 108 people to get the missing loot. Fourthly, the patient made noble tantrums in correspondence, covered everyone's mother and scribbled sheets with caps. Fifth, he claimed that he did not just have an office in Taiwan, but already had his own business center. And the address even indicated. In general, bankers usually do not behave this way. Unless under the substances (Oleg, how are you?) Or liquids. The patient is quickly caught on the fact that his IP is issued by Kentucky, USA, and he screamed that he was sitting on the 6th floor in his office in his own building in Taiwan. Classics, cho.

As a result, the clown is calculated, and it turns out to be StacyAllen Taylor, who had previously been jailed for money laundering and drug trafficking. By the way, the character tried to hide in Hong Kong (he knows a little Taiwan, cho), but was extradited. But then more fun. It turns out that the character was a paid CIA informant in exchange for ignoring past sins and draining the necessary information on washing money from the Irish Republican Army (IRA). Accordingly, Taylor filed a lawsuit against the US state, the CIA, DEA and generally everything, because he thought that the deal with the CIA gives complete immunity and the right to create any illegal mess. And here it means once - and the patient was taken for the same thing and for pills.

And now the most piquant moment. As we recall, about $ 300 million was withdrawn from Bitfinex through the GTS gasket in TCA Bancorp. That is, in the office of a paid CIA informant. Now the question is: who actually owns Bitfinex and who washes drug trafficking through it? And is not the date of Finick's roof losing in this way to the circuit that was no longer needed? By the way, a piece of the circuit here.

P.S. I previously claimed that bitcoin was coined by a development team for the benefit of “very polite people” from Mexico and Colombia. Was wrong. I forgot about their senior partners up the map. Which are great specialists (like ours) for transporting weapons and substances for the hidden needs of the state (Pinochet’s case, for example) and just for personal gesheft. Oh, sorry, of course, we are talking about the supply of banana lots by diplomatic mail and humanitarian aid in case of fires by local EMERCOM aircraft. Only help to distressed regions, only hardcore!

P.P.S. There is of course the option that Taylor is just a nutcase, inventing the exploits of a cloak and dagger. But before landing, he underwent a psychiatric examination and was recognized sane.