March 25, 2023

Crex24 users accused the site of hiding the hack

Users of the Estonian cryptocurrency exchange Crex24 made a statement that the site was hacked, but didn’t inform her clients about it.

Exchange users posted their allegations onthe background of the abolition of trade in various pairs of altcoins. Users emphasize that the exchange did not explain the reasons for the suspension of trading in pairs with altcoins. More importantly, the site has suspended the input / output of many altcoins.

Some sources indicate that with Crex24 there was1.3 billion Htmlcoin coins withdrawn. Currently, this amount of altcoin is estimated at approximately $ 72,000. Apparently, the coins were transferred to the HitBTC exchange wallet.

Htmlcoin is a Brazilian cryptocurrency. It was added to the Crex24 exchange in January this year, and now the owners of the coins can not withdraw them from the exchange. The volume of sales over the past 24 hours at Crex24 was $ 2.62 million. It took 137th place in terms of trading volume.

According to Chainalysis, last year 11 major hacks of cryptocurrency sites were committed. In 2019, attackers managed to steal cryptocurrencies worth $ 282.6 million.