June 5, 2023

Decentralized bZx site hacked again

Decentralized bZx site hacked again

Recently, the DeFi bZx platform has been hacked. This time, hackers managed to withdraw 2378 ETH ($ 635,000).

This is the second hack bXz this year. A week earlier, attackers stole about 1,200 ETH from the platform. In total, having completed two attacks, they managed to get more than $ 1 million.

According to experts, the two attacks were verysimilar in structure and performed in a single transaction. The hacker used loopholes in the trading system in order to complete the transaction and withdraw funds to his wallet.

The illegal transaction address has already been published by independent researchers.

Recall that recently, Charlie Lee criticized DeFi systems. According to him, the complexity in the architecture and operation of such systems "will lead to many critical errors and bugs."

According to the materials u.today