February 1, 2023

Copy-paste | SEC called Pavel Durov "on the carpet"

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) called the founder of the Telegram messenger to testify in the case of creating your own Gram cryptocurrency.

Such a decision was made by a judge of the Southern District CourtNew York County Peter Kevin Castel. According to the decree, from January 7 to January 16, 2020 Pavel Durov and two other employees of the company must testify in the framework of the trial of Telegram with the SEC.

At the moment, it is known that the hearings will be held inLondon On January 7-8, 2020, Durov himself will testify, on January 10, an employee of the company Shyama Parekh, whose name is indicated in the documents for ICO TON investors, will speak in court, and on January 16 in the same place in London they will interrogate Telegram Vice President Ilya Perekopsky, who allegedly Engaged in investor relations during the Gram token sale.

Copy-paste | SEC called Pavel Durov "on the carpet"

Main court session at which the SEC will determineThe legal status of the Gram token will take place no earlier than February 2020. The Securities and Exchange Commission will try to prove that the Alt Gram is a security company and must be declared in accordance with US law. In turn, Pavel Durov intends to appeal the decision of the SEC and has already filed a lawsuit.

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