June 18, 2024

Copy-paste | Estonian police leaked data of 200 cryptocurrency companies

The addresses of more than 200 cryptocurrency trading service providers registered in Estonia turned out to bein the public domain as a result of negligence by the Estonian police.

Money Laundering Information Bureau, part ofpart of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Department as an independent structural unit, sent out an information request to cryptocurrency companies registered in the country, while forgetting to hide the addresses of the recipients.

As a result of this mass mailing, theemail addresses of more than two hundred service providers for trading and digital asset management, reports the XCOEX cryptocurrency exchange, which was also among the recipients.

"Informative" request

The letter itself is a requestadditional information. The agency wants to get an idea of ​​the size of the cryptocurrency sector in the country, users of services and measures taken by industry participants to manage risks to combat money laundering. To do this, all companies with an Estonian license to provide services for trading and exchange of virtual assets, as well as cryptocurrency wallet service providers, are asked to fill out an online questionnaire.

Continued via the link: https://beincrypto.ru/estonskaya-policziya-dopustila-utechku-dannyh-200-kriptovalyutnyh-kompanij/