October 1, 2022

Copy-paste | Alfa-Bank does not get to Abyzov's cryptocurrency assets

Alfa-Bank wants to receive from Mikhail Abyzov 10 billion rubles, but up to all the assets of the ex-minister of Russia A federation to coordinate the activities of an open government does not reach the bank.

A credit institution that has been trying to collect debts from Abyzov and his E4 Group company since 2015 has secured the seizure of his assets in Singapore, including real estate and cryptocurrencies.

Recall that Mikhail Abyzov is accused of4 billion rubles in fraud, as well as illegal business and legalization of proceeds of crime. The former minister himself does not admit his guilt and denies any involvement in the activities of the E4 Group. According to him, he left the business since becoming a minister. In Russia, the ex-minister initially arrested assets worth 27 billion rubles, including bank accounts and real estate. However, later part of the assets were unfrozen.

Why Alpha Will Not Receive Cryptocurrency Assets

Alfa Bank secured the seizure of all assetsformer Minister for Open Government Affairs, including digital. However, if everything is simple with real estate and bank accounts, then it is unlikely that it will be possible to pick up cryptocurrency and digital tokens for a number of technical and legal reasons.

Firstly, today cryptocurrency hasRussia has no legal status. In February this year, the Supreme Court actually equated property by including in the article of the Criminal Code on the legalization of proceeds of crime. However, in practice, in order to confiscate digital assets, you must first remove them from the gray zone, recognizing goods or cash equivalents.

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