April 17, 2021

Coinbase is valued at $ 90 billion

Coinbase is valued at $ 90 billion

Before the exchange was listed on the Nasdaq, Coinbase was valued at approximately $ 90 billion.

Trades on the last week was the last opportunity to buy Coinbase shares before the largest US cryptocurrency exchange goes public.

The shares started at $ 375, raising the stock exchange's capitalization to nearly $ 100 billion, and closed at around $ 350.

The FTX market valued Coinbase at $ 109 billion, more than 17% higher than the Nasdaq Private Market estimate.

In January, experts believed Coinbase could be valued at $ 75 billion.

In late February, the exchange applied for an initial public offering with a direct listing on the Nasdaq under the ticker COIN.

If everything goes according to plan, then after the IPO, the mainCEO Brian Armstrong will receive nearly $ 3 billion in stock options, the equivalent of $ 1 million per business day over the next 10 years, Bloomberg estimates.

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