May 13, 2021

Coinbase filed for IPO

Coinbase filed for IPO

Coinbase Global Inc., the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, has filed a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on initial public offering of shares. Coinbase will be the first major crypto company to test public markets.

The company announced this on its blog on Thursday.

Coinbase filed for IPO

Coinbase is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the USпо объему торгов и одна из крупнейших криптовалютных бирж в мире. Coinbase обслуживает розничную торговлю на основной бирже и предоставляет разнообразные финансовые инструменты при помощи Coinbase Pro. В настоящее время платформа поддерживает более 40 криптовалют.

The company was founded in 2012 by BrianArmstrong and Fred Ersama. More recently, it was valued at $ 8 billion. In July, the company said it had 35 million users in 100 countries.

After the company gains public status, its capitalization may grow to $ 28 billion, according to experts from Messari.

The time for filing the application was not chosen by the company by chance.

Bitcoin (BTC) rises from 20,000 on Wednesdaydollars to a new all-time high and continues to grow, reaching almost 24,000 dollars. The largest cryptocurrency by market cap grew 220% in 2020, driven by the support of consumer-focused institutions and payment companies such as PayPal and Square.

Going public will reflect on the maturity of the industry and could be one of the hottest tech IPOs in 2021.

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