December 10, 2023

Chinese payment giant Ant Financial will launch a public blockchain platform

Chinese fintech company Ant Financial is preparing to publicly launch its own corporateblockchain platform next month. This was announced by vice president of the company Goufei Jiang (Guofei Jiang), writes The Block.

According to him, the Ant Blockchain Open Alliance platform will help small enterprises develop their own blockchain applications. She will also be able to process a billion transactions daily.

The beta version of the platform is available from last Novemberof the year. It is reported that with its help, confidence issues were resolved in 40 different sectors, including cross-border money transfers and trade finance.

Note Ant Financial is a subsidiarymulti-billion dollar company Alibaba and payment system operator AliPay. Ant Financial itself is considered the most expensive fintech company in the world with an estimate of $ 150 billion.

Earlier, Chinese Internet giant Baidu launched a public beta of its own blockchain platform, Xuperchain.