December 10, 2023

AliPay in feral will launch an enterprise blockchain platform

Chinese payment giant Ant Financial, which manages the AliPay payment system, will publicly launchCorporateAnt Blockchain Open Alliance blockchain platform next month.

Ant Financial Vice President Guofei JiangJiang) at the annual meeting of the company with the press spoke about the details of this process. The platform has been successfully operating since last November, but so far only in beta mode. Small companies will be able to develop their own applications on the blockchain at low cost.

According to Jiang, the platform is able to handle1 billion transactions per day. At the moment, it is used to solve trust problems in 40 areas, among which there are international payments and trade financing.

Company representatives are betting thatdistributed ledger technology will be a major part of the digital economy infrastructure and will bring significant changes to certain aspects of people's lives, for example, in terms of making mobile payments.

When a test launch was made in Novemberplatforms, Ant Financial said that not everyone will have the opportunity to launch a full node of a new network: “We are careful in terms of choosing node operators and we will not allow anyone to get to the network. A reliable value-sharing network needs to be developed. ”

On Monday it became known that the Chinese search engine Baidu began publicly testing the Xuperchain blockchain.