April 21, 2024

China will build the first underground magnetic goods delivery system

China will build the first underground magnetic goods delivery system

In the industrial region of China, they will build the first autonomous system for delivering goods through underground tunnels, which will use wagons with magnetic suspension.

A system developed by the commercial company JDLogistics, plan to build in the new district of Xionan. It should increase delivery efficiency in busy cities and increase online retail sales.

The network will operate in cycles, following a set route of buildings that will becomeIf the systemIf it spreads to other developed cities, then its work will begin to coordinate with the existing transport infrastructure.

A few years ago, the country's authorities decidedto develop a new economic zone in Hebei province southwest of Beijing. Under the national project, over the next 20 years, about 4 trillion yuan ($ 568 billion) will be invested in the region. The recently opened Daxing Airport is part of this program.

This scale has given urban planners Xunanthe opportunity to start from scratch and develop ambitious infrastructure initiatives. They selected docking points for the future magnetic delivery system, without worrying about existing underground structures.

Most likely, the delivery system will be created on the basis of the experimental Qingdao maglev train, which develops a speed of up to 600 km/h.