December 9, 2022

Gazprom introduces blockchain technology in supply chain

Gazprom introduces blockchain technology in supply chain

The largest companies in the world are actively introducing blockchain technology in their business processes, and Russia is not in side. Gazprom Neft announced that soon the entire supply system will be under the control of a distributed registry.

Blockchain will help Gazprom

The head of the Russian giant spoke about the plansGazprom Neft's blockchain division Alexander Kalmykov. At the moment, a prototype system is already ready in which traditional technologies are completely replaced by a blockchain. He also spoke about the reasons why the company decided to switch to a distributed registry.

  • Firstly, blockchain really speeds upThe process of interaction between the company and its suppliers. Previously, if something happened with a batch ordered from a supplier, the company found out about it only a few days later. Now information comes instantly. It is not difficult to imagine how important this is for a giant company with billions in turnover.
  • Secondly, the convenience of interaction has grown significantly. A single system where the reliability and reliability of data is guaranteed by the blockchain minimizes confusion, hiccups and other problems that the company constantly encounters.

And finally, blockchain gives both sidessubstantial warranties. Gazprom sees a complete and transparent picture of the supplier and its products, simplifying the process of selecting partners and checking its reliability. Suppliers themselves see everything that happens with their products after they are sent to the customer. This can come in handy if something happens with a batch of goods - in the blockchain system you can immediately understand who is to blame.

Despite the fact that the prototype is already ready, the firsta deal in the system is only planned for the summer of 2020. Perhaps, during internal testing, many shortcomings were found that need to be fixed before a full launch. In this case, you should not rush - the debugged system on the blockchain will work like a clock, but an unfinished product will bring even more problems than the old solutions.