March 4, 2024

Polyplastic launched a blockchain system for authenticating plastic pipes

The Moscow manufacturer of polymer pipes "Polyplastic" announced the start of using a blockchain system,which will track the authenticity of plastic pipes.

The Polyplastic Group was the first in Russia to startwork on introducing into the production cycle of their pipes a marking system based on a blockchain platform. On each section of 12 or 13 meters four unique labels with a QR code are applied. Having scanned them, it is possible to find out whether these products are included in the unified register of plastic pipes and whether it is fake, ”the message says.

Company representatives emphasize thatunscrupulous suppliers and builders often use fake and “restored” pipes when carrying out repairs in the housing and communal services sector, and this is one of the main reasons for the deterioration of water quality in consumers' homes. The market for counterfeit plastic pipes is estimated at 9 billion rubles, but thanks to the blockchain, this figure can be reduced.

“We are pleased that the pilot labeling projectplastic pipes started at the factory of the metropolitan group Polyplastic, as it is one of the suppliers of public utilities in Moscow. The development of housing services is one of the priority areas for the city government, and any solution that can improve their quality is very important for the capital, ”said Alexander Prokhorov, head of the department.

The project is based on the Bitfury blockchain platform.Exonum. Each supplier of raw materials and a pipe manufacturer has launched its own unit, and all deliveries of raw materials or products are marked on the blockchain. It was expected that the first plastic pipes with a QR code will appear on the market in May this year, however, the system was introduced only now.