December 8, 2023

Calvaria enters final hours of pre-sale - only $100k left!

The pre-sale period for the blockchain card game is quickly coming to an end. Investors are pouring inmoney into RIA cryptocurrency, since thisThe online video game is approaching its final fundraising goal of $100,000 before its early sale deal expires. Players participate in tournaments in a strategy card gameCalvaria,by playing cards that represent various in-game characters.

Decks are unplayable tokens,each of which has its own set of qualities and abilities. To compete with each other, participants in this game must assemble the best possible deck of cards. To do this, they use complex methods and tactics, and the winner receives a token as paymenteRIA.Players in a blockchain game have full control overall your in-game property. These assets can be acquired through playing or participating in other platform activities. Players can then monetize these assets on the Calvaria NFT exchange to generate passive income.

The goal of the game developers was to make every player a fictitious cryptocurrency ambassador. For this, various types of games are used, which are liked by both casual players and crypto experts.

Calvaria offers two game options –Play-to-earn (P2E) and Free-to-play (F2P). Both game types allow full use of the Calvaria system; however, F2P players do not receive RIA rewards. Additionally, players can upgrade their in-game assets, compete in seasonal competitions, and win scholarships.

P2E mode, however, has even more options.Each card is NFT, which allows players to collect the largest collection of cards and then sell them to others. These cards significantly increase the players' chances of winning due to their distinctive and unusual qualities. In addition, these cards can be listed for sale here at the Calvaria NFT Market, and the best part is that the original owner is compensated in the form of royalties.

Players can also open mystery boxes withtreasures, upgrade your cards with NFTs, win scholarships and promotional opportunities. Calvaria has adopted an in-game coin called RIA just like other blockchain games. Since gamers can exchange virtual goods for eRIA and receive instant payouts, this contributes to a perfect token-atomic balance. The main method of buying and selling in the game is RIA.

In addition, RIA has a huge internalvalue. It is a (PoS) currency, which means holders can stake to earn more tokens. A good approach to obtaining the right to govern a league is through the decentralized autonomous organization Calvaria – is to bet on an RIA (DAO). In-game cryptocurrencies are becoming more common in the blockchain video game industry as more initiatives emerge.

However, RIA stands out from its competitors.Every transaction in the entire online strategy game is carried out using it, and participants receive a token as a reward. Calvaria's afterlife-themed crypto trading card game aims to bring crypto gaming to the forefront by integrating into a large, established industry – market for games with real battles (for example, Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh).

There is also room for significant development: the cryptocurrency gaming market is projected to grow from its current value of $4.6 billion in 2022 to $65.7 billion by 2027.

“Duels of Eternity”, populara fantasy-themed card game from Calvaria, set to debut in the second quarter of 2023. In addition to having the largest crypto environment on the market, the game is expected to feature industry-leading gameplay, world-class visuals and art, and a deep and engaging storyline/universe mythology.

Players in Calvaria collect and form a collectionbattle cards, known as NFTs, which they can then use to participate in battles or complete missions while benefiting from the company's RIA token. Free gameplay will be available to users without the need to link their cryptocurrency wallets. Throughout the meeting, they will be invited to play a cryptocurrency version of the game. For hardcore gamers looking to play to make money in 2023, Calvaria could be one of the best initiatives in the metaverse. More specifically, Calvaria brings traditional fighting card games to Web3, which includes the metaverse, cryptocurrency, and blockchain.

Both mobile and desktop devices will be able toget access to Calvaria which is full of incentives and earning opportunities. Although the game has a free-to-play option, there are no crypto-currency incentives for players. Instead, players must first craft a number of NFTs, many of which will replace various combat cards. Completely immersive experiences with 3D characters, story modes and combat await you in the Calvaria Metaverse. RAI tokens, the in-game money powered by the Calvaria meta, are available to players in the latter.

Players can earn RAI using theirtokens in various ways. This is buying brand new NFT combat cards, upgrading them, adding new features, participating in competitions and betting. In addition, users can exchange RAI for another cryptocurrency, such as , and withdraw their money. The environment of Calvaria is in any case stable and self-sufficient. Investors can now purchase RAI tokens as part of the presale if they consider Calvaria to be one of the greatest metaversion cryptocurrencies for 2023.

Pre-sale consists of ten stages,and all 4 initial stages are already sold out. This intriguing metaverse initiative has already attracted some notable partners to mention. These include companies such as Studios, Kucoin, Changelly, BKEX and LBank, as well as Chain Play, according to the Calvaria website. In addition, Calvaria claims that Benzinga, Digital Journal and Yahoo have already covered their gaming metaverse.

Tickets for RIA are already in pre-ordersale. The cryptocurrency asset got off to a strong start, raising around $2.97 million so far. Only 4% of the tokens in the Calvaria pre-sale are still up for sale as it comes to an end. Undoubtedly, it will be interesting to see how the platform develops after launch and where its native token moves in terms of price.