December 11, 2023

Red Company announced the release of the NFT game Biom

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Red Company announced the release of the NFT game Biom

The game was the result of the merger of the company's two projects — the NFT collection Animals Red List and the TON Earth metaverse.

The game is based on P2E (play and earn) mechanics with GameFi elements that allowRed Company announced the release at a closed presentation for the project's holders, which took place in Moscow at the Bakery. 

Players will explore the world of TON Earth in search of ARL animals.For completing game tasks, users receive rewards — NFTs fromARL and game tokens, which can be converted into Toncoin, and then into fiat currencies.At the same time, holders of TON Earth and ARL tokens will be able to receive rewards for what other players doon their territory or find an animal belonging to them.

To participate in the game, you do not need to own a token of one of the Red Company projects.To start playing, you need to register in the app and purchase a notebook on the Get Gems or Disintar marketplaceto explore" in the world of Biom.

The alpha version of the game will appear at the end of September, and the full release is scheduled for December.The game will be available as an app based on iOS and Android.Part of the commissions in the game will be sent to WWF and IUCN, international organizations engaged in the conservation of animals from the Red Book.

Recall that in the summer, the TON Animals Red List NFT collection was launched, in which the history of changes in the international Red Book (IUCN) is recorded every six months.