February 5, 2023

Brave Browser Becomes Official Partner of East Asia Football Federation

East Asian Football Federation (EAFF) Selects Brave Browser as Official Partner Presented at the football championship in South Korea, which is held from December 10 to 18.

This was reported by the Brave team at itsofficial site. The Brave banner with the slogan “INNOVATION & UNITY” will be presented at the stadium, which implies not only the introduction of the latest technologies in the field of football, but also the EAFF going beyond East Asia and its openness to the whole world.

Brave management said that football fans will gain new experience when watching the game, as they can vote for their favorite team on the Brave platform.

The team that will receive the mostvotes in the first half of the match, will receive a place on the banner in the second half of the game - the color of the uniform of this team will be placed on it in order to support and motivate. Moreover, the fans who participated in the vote will have the opportunity to win the soccer ball that they played in the championship.

In addition, thanks to the artificialAI-11 intelligence (AI ELEVEN), in the Brave browser you can bet on victory or loss in real time. During the match, detailed statistics on the team and individual players will be displayed.

Also, viewers will be able to choose on the Brave platformthe best players. Anyone who receives the most votes from users will receive the title of “most brave” player (the pun is used - “brave” in translation from English means “brave”).

Last year, Popular Science magazine namedBrave browser using blockchain technology, a worthy alternative to Google Chrome. Moreover, since April, Brave users can participate in the Brave Ads program, earning BAT tokens for viewing ads.