February 20, 2024

Block.one Releases EOSIO 2.0 Protocol

Block.one Releases EOSIO 2.0 Protocol

The development team of the blockchain platform EOS from Block.one announced the release of the second version of the EOSIO smart contract protocol.

According to the press release, EOSIO 2.0 added various improvements to the EOS virtual machine that will increase the efficiency of using system resources when processing smart contracts. According to the developers, in the new version, VM performance will increase 16 times.

To improve security, WebAuthn authentication standards have also been included, which authenticate and sign transactions in browsers using hardwareA device without extensions or additional software for EOSIO applications.

The update also offers block manufacturers a new way to securely sign blocks using multiple keys and without transferring sensitive data.

In addition, in EOSIO 2.0 added a new web development tool Quickstart Web IDE, which will simplify the creation of EOS.io applications and reduce the necessary system requirements, but it is still at the alpha testing stage.

Despite all the efforts of the developers, after major updates various glitches may occur, as in the case of the Istanbul Ethereum hard fork, which will disrupt the work of hundreds of smart contracts.