January 31, 2023

Block.One Opens Office in Washington

Block.One Opens Office in Washington

Shortly after a major upgrade took place on the EOS network, Block.One announced the planned the opening of a new office in Arlington, a suburb of the US capital.

As part of the initiative, the company also intends to invest $ 10 million and open 170 jobs for local residents. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam said:

The company is already successfully operating inBlackburg, Virginia, and we are excited to open a new office. The continued and impressive growth of the company is direct evidence that the US is one of the leaders in the technology innovation industry.

Block.One currently remains one of the largest EOS holders and owns about 9% of all coins, which is 90 million.

Despite the staggering statistics aboutnetworks, as well as the growing number of distributed applications, the EOS project has been criticized quite seriously. Dissatisfaction with the fact that most block manufacturers are based in China, which raises the problem of centralization and risk from a particular country.

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