June 25, 2024

Block.one hired Forbes vice president to voice project CEO

Block.one hired Forbes vice president to voice project CEO

The social network Voice, developed by the Block.one team, has hired as CEOproject, vice president of product and technology Forbes Salah Zalatimo. According to information posted on the project’s blog, Zalatimo will take up duties on January 20.

The EOS cryptocurrency developer company also talked about the launch of Voice on a public beta on February 14, 2020.

Let us remind you that for the first time Block.one introduced the social media app in June 2019. Investments in the project amounted to $150 million, including the purchase of the platform domain for $30 million. The Voice social network, based on the EOS blockchain, provides quality social media content by rewarding users with tokens for participating.

Zalatimo joined Forbes in 2015the fact of the media giant’s acquisition of the virtual photo sharing startup Camerama. Since January 2019, he has been responsible for creating the AI-enabled publishing platform, Bertie, which helped double Forbes' audience to over 110 million monthly.

As such,  Blumer believes Zalatimo's experience in creating content tools will be an asset to Voice.

Salah has a rare combination of talent inproduct management and promotion…His experience in creating advanced monetization and content publishing tools makes him uniquely qualified to manage Voice,– Blumer said.