February 22, 2024

BitDeer Bitmain Bitcoin Cloud Mining Platform Review

BitDeer Bitmain Bitcoin Cloud Mining Platform Review

We present to your attention an overview of the new cloud mining service – BitDeer. The platform providesrental capacity (hashrate) for cryptocurrency mining, which means that you can participate in the mining of bitcoins without installing or configuring any equipment.

BitDeer service provides users withall over the world, the ability to mine cryptocurrency regardless of whether they have the necessary equipment for this or not. This allows novice miners to solve problems that involve buying, installing and placing mining devices. Instead, the service offers its customers to use remote computing power with professional equipment.

Service Features:

  • A transparent system for using real asics on existing mining farms (you can track the power of leased equipment directly in the Bitcoin blockchain),
  • Immediate start of bitcoin mining after paying a mining contract,
  • Large selection of mining contracts from 1 terahesh,
  • Daily pool deductions to your BTC wallet,
  • No noise, expensive electricity bills and headaches about the daily maintenance and monitoring of ASICs for their long-term performance.

BitDeer has every chance to become one ofleaders in leasing computing power for Bitcoin mining, because the platform is supported by the largest manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining equipment — Bitmain (even registration takes place through their website).

BitDeer Bitmain Bitcoin Cloud Mining Platform Review


Patented Distribution TechnologyBitDeer’s real-time computing power allows platform customers to connect to their chosen mining pool. The service offers daily payments directly to the user's wallet.

This cryptocurrency mining model will certainly attract new crypto enthusiasts who before that did not have the opportunity to purchase ASIC miners for mining digital assets.

BitDeer cloud mining service was officiallyIt was launched on December 12, 2018 in a strategic partnership with the mining pools BTC.com and Antpool. The platform allows its customers to use over 10 thousand ASIC miners for guaranteed and highly affordable cloud mining of bitcoin.

Aiming to provide exceptional computingpower for its users, BitDeer presents a new generation of mining equipment that is available to customers under medium-term and long-term contracts. Among some of the key features of the new ASIC miners, BitDeer notes the following:

  • The new mining equipment will use the SHA-256 algorithm with a maximum processing power of 23TH / s with a power consumption of 1600W.
  • The architecture of the new chips uses optimized algorithms that significantly improve the speed of calculations.
  • The integrated Exposed-Die technology used on the new generation of miners provides unprecedented high heat dissipation, which, in turn, increases the cooling efficiency of devices.

These devices were first introduced inas part of the BitDeer cloud mining service. The new generation equipment provides low power consumption and a uniquely low maintenance fee of $ 0.10 per day under the contract.

Market reaction to the launch of the service and reviewsminer communities exceeded BitDeer expectations. At the moment, the company offers its customers 8 different contracts lasting 30 days, while five of them are already completely sold out.

The creators of the platform also decided to introduceFor users, the value of contracts is already for new generation mining equipment lasting 90 days, 270 days and 360 days. At the same time, eight classic tariffs with a 30-day duration will still be available for purchase.

Bitcoin mining contract terms

Unlike other mining services, BitDeer has advantages in the form of flexible contract expiration dates, competitive pricing and low maintenance fees.

It is worth noting that BitDeer callsUsers invite more friends to join the cloud mining platform. Customers of the service who invite new users will be able to receive a bitcoin bonus in the amount of 2% of the payments of each invited user, and the new client will receive a discount on platform services.

Tariffs of the platform are quite democratic. So, for access to the service for 30 days a user can pay from 10 US dollars. The cost of access varies in accordance with the computing power chosen by the client with the help of which he wants to start mining cryptocurrency.

BitDeer Bitmain Bitcoin Cloud Mining Platform Review


“We are extremely pleased with the strategic partnershipwith BTC.com and AntPool, which provide stable and professional support for both our platform and its users. Directly associated with the world's largest mining pools, individual miners will be able to control the cryptocurrency mining process and their income in real time. ”, Says BitDeer CEO Celine Lu.

CEO of BTC.com, Zhong Zhuang, noted that although large players will continue to operate as usual, launching large-scale crypto farms, individual miners will also be able to benefit by joining cloud mining services for digital assets.

“BTC.com appreciates the partnership with the BitDeer platform and is looking forward to attracting more miners to mining cryptocurrencies.”- says Zhuang.

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