February 6, 2023

ASIC miners for mining bitcoin Avalon A1146 and A1166

ASIC miners for mining bitcoin Avalon A1146 and A1166

A few days ago, an important event organized in China, more precisely in Sichuan, was organized Poolin mining cryptocurrency mining pool. It was attended by various industry participants, including several manufacturers.

Among them is the well-known manufacturer of mining equipment Canaan, who announced the new ASIC line for mining bitcoins. It belongs to the Avalon Miner family, or the eleventh A11 series.

As can be seen in the photo taken a few days ago during the event, a Canaan representative spoke about the details regarding the specifications for the company's future products.

ASIC miners for mining bitcoin Avalon A1146 and A1166

First of all, Canaan Avalon Miner A1146 and A1166will use chips based on an advanced manufacturing process, although it’s not yet determined whether the one supplied by the TSMC 7 nm or Samsung 8 or 10 nm foundries will be used.

This is a significant step forward sinceCanaan's modern high-tech products (Avalon A1066 and A1046) use chips made using the lithographic process, which is already considered obsolete at a wavelength of 16 nm.

Consequently, the efficiency of new products will be much higher, rising from the current 65 watts for TH on the A1066 to 47 watts on TH on the A1166.

Two models were presented to the public:

  • First - Canaan Avalon Miner A1146, solutionentry-level 58 Tx / s with energy efficiency of about 56 watts per Tx. Accordingly, the total power consumed by this model should be about 3300 watts per hour.
  • The new top of the Avalon Miner A1166 line will reach 70 Tx / s with the same consumption and efficiency of 47 W per Tx. This is similar to Bitmain solutions, which until now were considered the most effective.

The price is still unknown, but according to rumors, it will be$ 30-35 per Tx, therefore, the Canaan Avalon Miner A1146 can cost from $ 1,750 to $ 2,050, while its older brother A1166 is priced from $ 2,100 to $ 2,500.

Pre-orders will be opened in October / November, and the release of the first lots is scheduled for January / February 2020.