September 26, 2021

Bitcoin: What's going on in the world? - And just….

The illusionist uses distracting patterns to successfully represent focus. And the main action, and paterns are similar to true, but both are false in part ...
You can "catch" a magician by differences. They are also weighty.
Everyone is looking at Year 19 and Year 20, but Year 21 is the third year of the 3-year cycle and the third year of the 5-year cycle.
Everyone is playing an impulse from July 20, and you need to play from June 22.
Looking for differences.
The permission of the amers to the custodian allows the "elephants" not to "clean up" the balance sheets by the end of the fiscal year (October 01). In Europe, this problem has not yet been resolved (12/31/2021), but I think next year they will "unexpectedly" be solved.
Although I really want to, I do not recommend shorting it yet.
So far, something like this:

further bonus

Have a nice trade and good luck!

Regards, V.