February 21, 2024

Anthony Pompliano: “I would not trust Warren Buffett in matters of technology”

Recently, one of the world's largest investors, Warren Buffett, again emphasized his opposition to cryptocurrencies.but, as Anthony Pompliano stated, he would not trust Buffett in such matters.

Renowned cryptocurrency enthusiast AnthonyPompliano, during an interview on CNN, stressed that while Warren Buffett remains a respected investor, he would not trust him to invest in cryptocurrencies.

“I really don't want to take any technology tips from a person who uses a clamshell phone and doesn't use email,” said the cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Pompliano also touched on the recent news thatthat Sweden has begun testing a state digital currency. If the pilot program is successful, then cryptocurrencies will firmly enter the lives of ordinary people. A cryptocurrency enthusiast noted:

“All services will be digital. Now there is a competition of monetary policies and regulation. I think that the monetary policy of Bitcoin is superior to the regulatory documents of central banks, which means that the first cryptocurrency will win the competition. Bitcoin will someday become a global reserve currency. ”

Let us remember that Warren Buffett recently met with the founder of the Tron project, Justin Sun, but this meeting did not affect the investor’s skepticism towards cryptocurrencies.