February 4, 2023

$ 159 million lawsuit filed against Russian businessman. This is due to Gram tokens.

On November 7, a $ 159 million lawsuit was filed with the High Court of London against Russian businessman Valery Korotkov, who raised $ 15 million to buy Gram from a number of investors and allegedly failed to fulfill his obligations.

Among investors are companies from Liechtenstein, the UAE and the Marshall Islands, Law360 writes. They transferred funds to the purchase of rights to tokens to the Cyprus company Korotkov Aluxes Holdings.

According to investors, their assets should have beenkeep a division of the Korotkov company. Korotkov himself, according to the lawsuit, said that he was not interested in buying tokens, and his Aluxes Holdings acted as a simple investment fund.

Now plaintiffs demand to recover $ 159 millionappeared based on the predicted price of tokens at the time of their release. They also require the termination of contracts with Korotkov through the court and the assignment of rights to tokens to them after the release.

Recall that the launch of the Telegram Open Network was postponed due to a conflict of developers and the American SEC, in which Gram is considered an unregistered security.

The trial was adjourned to February 18-19, 2020.