December 1, 2022

Facebook sues illegal use of Libra logo

Facebook sues illegal use of Libra logo

Finco Services suesFacebook in connection with the violation of the rights to the trademark used as the logo of the Libra token A lawsuit was also filed against the daser, who proposed this option.

Finco Services accuses social network of illegalassignment of a trademark and unfair competition. The company claims that in 2016 Character SF was commissioned to develop a logo design for their brand and mobile online banking application, which was registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Among other things, this Registration applies to the software used to complete cryptocurrency transactions.

The problem arose because Facebookturned to the same company to develop the Libra trademark, and the designer proposed an option that is almost identical to the Finco Services application logo.

Recently, major US banks also filed a formal complaint on Facebook for the Libra launch plan.