April 23, 2024

ATAIX will be the first to open public trading of Gram tokens from Telegram

ATAIX will be the first to open public trading of Gram tokens from Telegram

The ATAIX exchange announced that it will be the first to open trading in the internal currency of the Telegram Open Network blockchain network(TON) — Gram [GRM] tokens initially purchased by investors during a pre-private sale for $1.7 billion.

Last year, Telegram, Gram became one of the mostpopular tokens with the highest capitalization, which has not yet appeared on the market. Selling Gram on ATAIX will be the first opportunity for individual investors to buy Gram tokens, which can then be sold immediately after the launch of the TON network and the issuance of tokens by the issuer.

Telegram is fast becoming one of the mostA popular messaging and communications platform, recently surpassing the membership of over two hundred million users worldwide. The Gram token will be available through a wallet built directly into TON, which means that its users do not need prior knowledge of the cryptocurrency to send and receive it.

Due to the likelihood of high demand, the sale of Gram can be carried out in waves, with each wave offering a higher price per gram. The current price per gram can be found at ataix.com/gram.

To participate in sales, buyers must open an account with ATAIX and complete the mandatory KYC procedure. Gram trading will be subject to terms published on ATAIX.

Gram will be sold for Tether [USDT], whichis a stable coin pegged to the US dollar. USDT can be obtained by buying it on the exchange using EUR, BTC, ETH and more than 20 other cryptocurrencies. USDT can also be purchased directly from ATAIX using BTC, ETH, XMR, DASH, BCH, XRP, as well as some other major altcoins.

About the Telegram Open Network (TON)

Telegram Open Network (TON) developedco-founder of Telegram Dr. Nikolai Durov and is designed with speed, efficiency and security in mind. It is also the first of its kind to store its data on a scalable network with a block chain capable of processing millions of transactions per second.

With optimized user interfaceTON strives to be user-friendly as well as service providers. Its blockchain-based network is specifically designed to host and provide a variety of services created by Telegram, as well as other developers and publishers. According to Telegram, TON is best described as a huge distributed supercomputer.

About Gram Tokens

Marker Gram [GRM] is a native cryptocurrencyTON blockchain. It will be an official token and will be used mainly in the TON economy as the main means of payment for its products and services.

Gram has every chance of becoming one of the mostsuccessful and widely used cryptocurrencies today, as it will be used by the huge Telegram community and will continue to be supported by the growing TON economy. It has a clear advantage over other useful tokens, as it is supported by a work product that is already incredibly popular and successful. Its technical development was inspired by both Bitcoin and Ethereum. The total supply of Gram will be limited to 5 billion.

About Telegram

Telegram — is a cloud application formessaging and platform that aims to be faster and more secure than its competitors. It has over two hundred million registered users and over 70 billion messages are sent every day.


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