January 31, 2023

What to expect from the 12 Days of Coinbase event

What to expect from the 12 Days of Coinbase event

On December 10, the popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase launched a 12-day promotion called “12 Days Of Coinbase”. Main The purpose of the event is to introduce cryptocurrencies into the daily lives of their customers.

Every day at noon pacificWe will announce new features, support for new cryptocurrencies and much more. Come back daily! - say representatives of the exchange on the official page of the blog.

How were the previous days

On day one, the Coinbase team announced thatUS customers will now be able to spend cryptocurrencies on the purchase of WeGift electronic gift cards. Gift cards can now be purchased from dozens of sellers, many of whom are ready to provide special discounts. Customers will not have to pay a commission for the transfer of funds, which will greatly simplify the process of using cryptocurrencies for everyday purchases of goods and services.

On the second day, the exchange donated $ 10,000 to ZCash (ZEC) to support the GiveCrypto.org project in the Venezuelan city of Santa Elena de Wairen. The exchange explained the purpose of this donation:

“Thanks to our gift, the organization will transfer cryptocurrency in the amount of $ 1 directly to wallets of more than 100 families from Santa Elena every day for 3 months.

Recipients will be able to purchase food andessentials at a local store that accepts payments in cryptocurrency, subsidizing daily expenses - in the equivalent of $ 1 per day, for which you can buy 1-2 kilograms of protein or 2 kilograms of starch and vegetables.

Recipients will be Venezuelan families participating in the GiveCrypto.org program with Bonnum. ”

What's next?

Coinbase has already revealed the first two gifts. Now we have 10 more days, and therefore 10 gifts from Coinbase.

Coinbase will add support for new digital assets in the next 10 days

Recently, the exchange announced that in its newstrategies they are based on the wishes of customers. As noted, the only thing their customers want is new cryptocurrencies on the platform. This, in turn, opens up the potential for listing such popular cryptocurrencies as XRP, Stellar (XLM) and Cardano (ADA).

The obligations of the exchange to its customers can be found in the following tweet, published a few hours ago: