December 8, 2023

UPS and HerdX track US beef shipments to Japan via blockchain

The large American postal operator UPS, in collaboration with the blockchain company HerdX, tracked the deliverykansas beef batches in Tokyo using blockchain.

According to a press release, the beef was shippedfrom the US state of Kansas, where the meat was packed in special UPS containers with temperature control. During the flight, many sensors monitored a batch of meat and uploaded the readings to the HerdX blockchain.

Beef was delivered to Ruby Meat RestaurantJack in Tokyo. There, guests could order a steak and view its origin using a QR code. UPS Global Freight Forwarding CEO Romaine Seguin said the project was complex and multi-stage.

“Using blockchain for internationalAir cargo is a complex process that requires extensive experience in customs and forwarding activities. The proper organization of the process is important for many industries, such as restaurants and retail. ”

This is not the first blockchain experience for UPS. In the spring, the company, together with Inxeption, announced the launch of the Inxeption Zippy platform for tracking supply chains on the blockchain. In addition, last summer, UPS filed a patent for a blockchain system to track freight data.

Coca-Cola said last week thatuses a blockchain solution from SAP to track supply chains. Topco Associates, the largest U.S. grocery retailer, has also announced plans to use Mastercard's blockchain solution to track supply chains.