March 4, 2021

Top 5 richest bitcoin wallets

Top 5 richest bitcoin wallets

All crypto enthusiasts know that Satoshi Nakamoto owns the most bitcoins. Anonymous the creator of the white paper of the first digital currency - the owner of the richest BTC wallet, which stores 1,125,150 coins. At the exchange rate as of January 22, 2021, this is more than $ 39 billion.

Nakamoto is not the only one who keeps large funds in a digital safe. Some whale names are no secret. They do not hide the fact that they associate their financial well-being with bitcoin.

The richest BTC addresses

During the global crisis associated withpandemic, oil wars and a difficult change of power in the United States, many investors began to invest in cryptocurrencies. Their value turned out to be more important and more reliable than the devalued dollar. And the interest from the institutional giants, which turned from fiat and usual stocks towards digital money, further accelerated the bitcoin rate.

A difficult financial situation in whichthe usual monetary stimulus measures are no longer working, pushing for alternative measures to protect against the effects of the recession. The meaning of lending in the global collapse in demand has been lost. Therefore, free funds were redirected to digital channels.

Those who kept their nose to the wind and managed to invest dollars in digital are now on top, and their profits are in the millions.

We have compiled the top bitcoin whale wallets thatby the beginning of 2021 held the largest amount of BTC. These are individuals and companies who entered the digital currency market shortly before the start of the bull run. Thanks to their infusions, Bitcoin reached an all-time high, crossing the $ 40,000 line.

CoinShares (UK)

The legal address of the company is registered inSaint Helier. It is the capital of the British Crown of Jersey, located in the English Channel. The island is a large offshore company with a zero tax rate and no foreign exchange controls by the authorities.

As of the end of December 2020CoinShares assets under management included, among other things, 69,890 BTC. At the exchange rate on January 22, this is $ 2.3 billion. In addition, the company invests in ETH, BCH and a number of other altcoins. The total amount of digital assets operated by CoinShares is $ 4 billion.

Separately, we note that the founders of the crypto marketthe companies exited in 2015, when bitcoin was traded on platforms and exchangers for $ 400. But the main operations to replenish wallets were noted in the second half of 2020.

Ruffer (London)

London-based asset management company RufferInvestment Company is one of the latest firms to join the crypto market. This happened at the end of November 2020. 2.7% of the company's total assets were allocated for investments in BTC. Ruffer's bitcoin addresses received 45,000 coins worth $ 744 million.

The company's management said the cryptocurrency serves as "a small but effective insurance against the ongoing devaluation of the world's major currencies."

It is easy to calculate that in 2 incomplete monthsthe investment generated 210% return for Ruffer shareholders. But investors are not going to stop there. To hedge the risks of a stock market crash, it is planned to allocate another 2.5% of managed assets and invest them in BTC. In total, the company has at its disposal shares and derivatives worth $ 20 billion.

3iQ (Canada)

The Bitcoin Fund was registered in Toronto atCanadian stock exchange TSX in April 2020. He manages a portfolio of crypto assets, which, among other digital money, also contains 16 454 BTC ($ 575 million). The custodian of the cryptocurrency is the cold wallets of the Gemini exchange, which belongs to the Winklevoss brothers.

3iQ operates offshore, includingGibraltar Stock Exchange. The company also participated in the creation of the QCAD stablecoin. This token is backed by the Canadian dollar, which was launched in February 2020.

The fund's net asset value is $ 703 million.

Tudor Investment (USA)

Private owned bitcoin whale wallets include Paul Tudor's vaults. He is the founder of the Tudor Investment hedge fund (Stamford) and a popular philanthropist.

Tudor bet on bitcoin asa promising currency that will supplant fiat in 20 years. In May 2020, he funded his accounts with 6,500 BTC. Then it cost the investor $ 50 million, which was 2% of the total assets that he manages.

It is easy to calculate that the profit from such an operation brought the founder of the fund named after himself a net income of $ 174 million. Indeed, in May last year, bitcoin traded at $ 7,500-8,000.

The founder of Tudor Investment is confident thatcryptocurrencies are undervalued and their market capitalization will increase several times. To trust his intuition or not is a private affair of crypto enthusiasts. But so far, no transactions have been found on his wallets to convert numbers to fiat.

Barry Zilbert

The organizer of the public sale of bitcoins, whowere confiscated in the Silk Road criminal case. Barry didn't waste time on trifles and bought out 48,000 coins himself for $ 350 apiece in 2015.

He later became the founder of the Digital Currency Groupand Grayscale Investments, which are powerful players in the digital marketplace. In the midst of the pandemic, Gilbert increased his stock by another 30%, buying up BTC on loys. He claims that he still keeps the accumulated coins and is not going to part with them. In his opinion, the familiar market will soon collapse and bury national currencies.

Rich Bitcoin addresses (excluding those owned by crypto exchanges) include:

  1. 1P5ZEDWTKTFGxQjZphgWPQUpe554WKDfHQ. This is the address where bitcoin coins have been received since February 2019. Now he has 99798.65 BTC on his balance. Thus, the unknown whale is holding $ 3,443,031,000.
  2. 1LdRcdxfbSnmCYYNdeYpUnztiYzVfBEQeC.An anonymous wallet that has been holding 53,880.06 BTC since May 2014. For a long time it was considered inactive, but on January 12 of this year, small transfers to other wallets began to pass from this address. The amount of transactions is always 0.00000547 BTC, and their total number has reached 402. The dollar equivalent of the account is 1.85 billion.
  3. 1AC4fMwgY8j9onSbXEWeH6Zan8QGMSdmtA. Since January 2017, the wallet contains 51,830.36 BTC. An unknown holder holds $ 1.78 billion at this address.

Thus, we can conclude thatthe cryptorally is not over yet. If whales believe in the future of digital money and keep it in their safes, there are still many more surprises awaiting us. We saw a similar picture during the halving of 2016, when the BTC rate increased 400 times.

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