December 11, 2023

Tony Weiss's YouTube channel removed (updated)

Tony Weiss's YouTube channel removed (updated)

YouTube continues to remove cryptocurrency-themed channels.

Yesterday video hosting calculatedchannel of crypto analyst Tony Weiss with “Harmful and Dangerous Content” and eliminated it. 

Weiss posted on YouTube a new video that wasdeleted with the tag “Material of harmful and dangerous content”. Weiss, hoping for a correction of the error, turned to the portal administrators. After half an hour, the trader’s channel was completely removed.

The analyst doubts that in half an hour his content could be scanned and critical violations found there. He is sure that he encountered a simple “moderation error”.

Tony Weiss's YouTube channel removed (updated)

YouTube began censoring cryptocurrency content last year. And despite the statement of the Internet giant that this happened by mistake, the cleaning of the content continues.

Now the world's largest video platform has begun to remove channels illuminating kryptonews.

Last week, the channel of Jason Appleton, known as Crypto Crow, was blocked. In March, one of The Moon’s most popular crypto channels, also complained about the video being removed.


Less than 24 hours after removal, the Tony Weiss canal was restored. Representatives of YouTube have not yet given any comments on this matter.

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