July 21, 2024

The new supercapacitor doubled the range of the electric motorcycle

The new supercapacitor doubled the range of the electric motorcycle

In order to demonstrate the high efficiency of the new supercapacitor, Nawa has created an electric motorcycle that, despite a small battery, can travel up to 300 km.

The presented Nawa Racer is a one-offprototype, will not be produced in the future and will not be sold. In fact, it is only a visual advertisement of the company’s main product – supercapacitor, which is capable of collecting much more braking energy than other existing alternatives.

The motorcycle is equipped with a small lithium-ionbattery with a capacity of 9 kWh.Above it is a 0.1 kWh supercapacitor, which collects 80-90% of the braking energy, which is many times more than the battery can store. Thus, the motorcycle can pass  in urban conditions up to 300 km, which is almost double the range of a bike with only one battery.

Designed by Nawa ionistor made ofcarbon, relatively inexpensive and has a mass of only 10 kg. However, it allows you to increase the nominal battery capacity by about 65%. Using a battery to achieve this gain would greatly increase the mass of the vehicle.

Another advantage is the increasepower. The Racer can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 3 seconds. In this case, the supercapacitor can be used in other models of motorcycles, cars or other electric vehicles.

Nawa will showcase its model live at CES 2020.

Perhaps Boeing and Porsche, who are jointly developing a flying electric car, will be interested in the development.