February 4, 2023

The best hits of Misha J .: How not to become a sucker investor - a quick guide.

Mikhail Zhukhovitsky with a new imperishable how not to fly into a bred on investment and how not to merge grandmas into “Typical startup”, especially in the crypt. Although it’s understandable about crypto, it’s enough to carefully read Cryptocriticism.

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They called for lectures to investors. Theme: "how not to get on the headstock."
Answer: no way.

Legal audit of business in the Russian Federation is not possible. The only way to find out how things are going onin fact, this is access to bank statements. Then sit for hours, days and study them. Painstakingly. Each incoming and outgoing operation. Watch tax burden, credit, ph, etc.

Ordinary investors cannot do this. They do not know where to order an extract. And if they can, they don’t understand where to look in it later.

Similarly with most auditors in the Russian Federation. Auditors are guided by tax reporting. Tax reporting is drawn in two seconds. Indicate any turnover there, profit. FTS do not care, if only there would be some deductions. Despite the fact that your business can really beabsolutely zero, without clients and transactions. I know it wonderfully, because he himself inflated lawyers for several billion rubles, for which 10 thousand rubles did not go through the account.

Looking at the scope of startups, venture and crypts, I realized that these investors are not investors. These are casino players.. And money is always given not to business, but personallyto the founders. Just because the founders liked it. Well-collected are always charismatic, confident, active. Often, foggy, building a slightly mystical appearance. Especially a lot of these freaks were in the crypt. The sphere of crypto is generally 90% about religion and 10% about technology and business. What is actually behind the project is of no interest to anyone.

No one has ever turned my eyes on someone else’s business inside out. But this is very easy. You go to the office. You approach the accountant. 30 minutes of conversation - much is clear. Then to the marketers. An hour of time with them is even clearer. Walked over the day in all departments - you have the completeness of information. You immediately understand where there are inconsistencies. What lies to you.

I love honest people. And honest crooks. At the time of the same crypt, the public face of one of the largest projects to my direct question: “Are you a face value?”, Answered “yes”. Without evading and not inventing anything. We still communicate sometimes.

Several different teams created cryptocurrency exchanges. Their only goal: to master the budget of investors and quietly collapse. Well done, those who admitted this directly. For, everything is obvious: a meager user, a giant spread in a glass, no I / O, etc.

A trained eye will determine in minutes whether it is a market project or whether they have another goal: to raise money and spend.

All those who are able to answer bluntly: “Yes, I’ll collect grandmothers now and burn it all,” cause respect. Just for the human attitude to who theirunderstands. It was these guys who showed me the other side of life from the inside out: to raise money and live beautifully without worrying about customers and sales. And then make every effort for a new gathering. It was curious.

To judge the guys for their unethical or illegalthe business will be someone else, not me. I don’t care about this at all. And the whole adult business that I saw in the tax and banking sector of the Russian Federation, in fact, is built on circumvention of the rules and goes against the generally accepted morality of the herd.
Bold and straightforward units.

And there are people-shit. And most of them. They also collect dibs. On completely stillborn projects. But to direct questions begin to bustle like a snake. Sometimes get hysterical. I am not friends with such guys. There is nothing to respect them: there is no core. As a vivid example: Dmitry Portnyagin. Sklizsky man, you feel it intuitively, right away. Or most cryptans. These are all in the furnace.

I can give only a few tips to investors.

- Do not look at the founder. It’s better not to hear or see him at all. He can be a charm, you succumb to the spell and give your money. This happens most often. Figures and technology - that’s what you need to look at.

- Do a full audit of not only the business, but the founder. Certificates of conviction of him and relatives,bank statements on his personal accounts, credit histories, 2ndfl, property. Raise the history of his projects. Disassemble the person for details, as if you were a FSB officer.

- Orient in an existing business in the Russian Federation bank statements only. Everything else does not work.

- If it's a bare startup, hard push the team with purely financial issues. As catchy as possible. Of course, for this you yourself must understand how the business works.

- Do not take anyone's word. Only numbers and documents. For any word that has even the smallest imagesin doubt, ask for confirmation. And then check the source. Ask the founder to provide financial statements for the statements. Yulit refuses - see him.

- For any attempts at manipulation, an admixture of religions, occultness, reference to any philosophy, run. A man wears strange clothes - run too, thisattempt to distract from the essence. A lot of distant water in the story - run again. Most often, such liberties are allowed to those who have already managed to collect decently money. “Dizzy with success,” as Stalin wrote. And this is always the most striking call that a person loses a sense of reality. And the reality goes away. Example: the same extravagant cryptans. There were a lot of them. And almost all of them are now zero.

- Invest in those areas that are closest to you, where you have your own competence. No need to go where you do not rummage at all. It will be easier to trick you there. For example, my friend works in petrochemistry. He knows this market well and invests only in it.

- Invite strong practitioners. I sometimes carry my Chinese friend with meChana. Chan is very polite: he listens to the whole meeting, nods, says yes, yes, yes. Sometimes asks questions. And then he makes a resume on the project, always accurate. Chan has already succeeded in profucing many millions of dollars (personal) in various IT startups, he is experienced and angry at swindlers.

- 90% of you will lose all means anywaywho want to invest. This is statistics.

I specifically did not name a single project here. Although, he could bring dozens and disassemble each one by bone. But that makes no sense. The investor will fill their bumps.

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