April 21, 2021

The Teletubbies are investing in Bitcoin

The Teletubbies are investing in Bitcoin

The British children's animated series The Teletubbies, which has been released since 1997, has hinted at a possible investment in Bitcoin

On Wednesday, a post with the hashtag #Bitcoin appeared on the Teletubbies' official twitter. The entry says that the characters in the animated series are hiding "important news" from readers.

The photo shows Tinky Winky (purpleTeletubbies) and Po (red), and a large question mark is drawn next to them. The Teletubbies are firing lasers from their eyes - this is a hint of the further growth of bitcoin (on his Twitter avatar, Michael Sailor also shoots lasers out of his eyes).

Perhaps the creators of the cartoon just decidedtroll your subscribers and arrange an April Fools' joke. However, we shouldn't rule out the possibility that the show will start teaching children the basics of the cryptocurrency economy.

Twitter user DeepBlueCrypto wrote:

If the Teletubbies start teaching kids how to handle cryptocurrencies, then the end of the banking industry has really come.

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