March 26, 2023

Steemit blockchain platform with millions of users migrates to TRON ecosystem

The decentralized social network Steemit and its applications will soon be transferred to the TRON blockchain. Migration will occur as part of a strategic partnership between Steemit Inc. and Tron Foundation.

The blog of Tron Foundation says that work on the migration of a social network, its products and services begins immediately.

Also Saturday, February 15, CEO of Tron FoundationJustin Sun and his colleague from Steemit Inc. Ned Scott will hold an AMA session on the Dlive platform, during which they will give comprehensive answers regarding the partnership and the future STEEMIT 2.0 platform, as Justin Sun dubbed it.

The start of the AMA session is scheduled for 09:00 PST (17:00 GMT).

It is already known that the existing Steem token (STEEM) will be transferred to the Tron blockchain, and for tox users will be held an airdrop of new tokens.

The Tron Foundation also claims thatthe company did not invest in Steemit, and the Steemit developers made a decision to abandon their own blockchain voluntarily. It is also planned to launch a joint accelerator aimed at the development of the Steemit platform.

“The parties reached a mutual agreementregarding the future of Steemit. It is more than just money. Steemit needs the infrastructure and community support for a scalable network that only TRON can provide. ” - said in Steem.

Steemit was founded in 2016 by Ned Scott and Dan Larimer, who currently holds the position of CTO at, the company behind the development of the EOS network.

Now the platform has a million users, while in the TRON blockchain their number exceeds 20 million.

Earlier it became known about the migration to the TRON blockchainDLive streaming service, but it will join the BitTorrent ecosystem. Justin Sun bought the developer of the peer-to-peer file sharing protocol in 2018. 5 million people use DLive every month, with BitTorrent this figure is 100 million.

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