April 25, 2024

Sony and Samsung continue to increase blockchain investments

The venture capital armes of two of the largest technology companies, Sony Financial Ventures and Samsung Venture Investment,continue to invest in the blockchain industry.

Sony Financial Ventures invested “amount withSix Zeros ”at Securitize token provider. Sony's investment continues the $ 14 million investment round, which was attended by renowned Japanese companies MUFG Innovation Partners and Nomura Holdings.

"Against the backdrop of Japan's announced plans to approve a digital securities law, Securitize continues toAnother major financial partner has joined the company," the CEO saidSecuritize by Carlos Domingo.

The updated law oncryptocurrency assets in Japan will begin to operate in April. As Domingo notes, the changes directly affect ICOs, which will be governed by securities laws.

“Share token offerings (STOs) will require disclosure. Issuers and brokers interacting with STOs will be required to comply with registration requirements,” — he notes.

Sony Financial Ventures Director Junji Nakamura(Junji Nakamura) spoke positively towards Securitize, calling the company an expert in his field. In his opinion, Securitize has great potential.

Samsung Venture Investment with SalesforceVentures invested in Digital Asset, a company that develops the DAML smart contract language. Last December, Digital Asset received investments from the Australian Stock Exchange, Jefferson River Capital and others in the amount of $ 35 million. In total, it managed to collect about $ 150 million of investments.

Received money will be directed toDAML distribution in various industries, expanding the network of affiliate products and financing of new solutions that can improve the service for developers.

Both Sony and Samsung are not the first to be interested.space of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. For example, in 2018, Sony introduced a non-contact multi-purpose hardware cryptocurrency wallet, and in July last year, invested in Bitwala crypto-bank.

Samsung also does not stand aside. The company integrated a wallet with support for bitcoin, ether and some other cryptocurrencies into its Galaxy S10 smartphone. And in April last year, it became known that the company was probably developing its own cryptocurrency.