June 14, 2021

Semiconductor shortage will create problems for miners

Semiconductor shortage will create problems for miners

The global shortage of silicon chips is affecting a range of industries, including industry mining.

The temporary halt in the production of silicon chips at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic caused a worldwide shortage. This has had a huge impact on the production of phones, laptops, and even cars.

Samsung said it lackedmicrocircuits required for the production of semiconductors. Because of this, Samsung may even delay the release of the next Galaxy Note smartphone until 2022. LG, Apple, carmakers Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Škoda have also warned of delayed product launches due to disrupted semiconductor chip shipments.

Manufacturers note that the semiconductor shortage is likely to remain until the end of the year.

The shortage has led to an increase in prices for new and used ASICs andvideo cards. Many swindlers have also become active in the market. In Voronezh, a miner bought used mining equipment via the Internet, but received two expired fire extinguishers in a package. The fraudsters have already been found and taken into custody.

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