April 21, 2021

Scientists discover common blood pressure medicine can prolong life

Scientists discover common blood pressure medicine can prolong life

Research has shown that metolazone, a drug for hypertension, activates the mitochondrial repair mechanism in cells, helping to increase the body's lifespan.

Although aging is not a disease, scientists are looking formedicines that can slow down this process and weaken its negative effects on health. One of the aging factors is a decrease in the functionality of mitochondria, which function as energy stations of cells. The body has a mechanism for the restoration of these organelles, called the response mitochondrial unfolded protein.

Osaka City University researchersstudied the effect of various drugs on stimulating this process. In tests on several types of worms, the scientists found that metolazone significantly increased their lifespan, significantly exceeding the background of about 3,000 other tested drugs.

They found that the drug against hypertension, ohknown for over 50 years, has a strong effect on the HSP-6 gene (known as HSPA9 in humans), which is involved in activating the mitochondrial unfolded protein response.

Subsequent experiments with individual groupshuman cells also showed an increase in gene expression. As a result, the team hypothesized that the anti-aging effect of metolazone may also be present in mammals.

Although more research is needed totests of the drug's effect on longevity, but this cheap and well-known drug has performed far better than all approved anti-aging drugs.

Recall that recently, scientists have turned sugar molecules into a universal antiviral drug.