June 6, 2023

Satoshi Skull Creator Benjamin Von Wong Renounces Fight Against Bitcoin

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Satoshi Skull Creator Benjamin Von Wong Renounces Fight Against Bitcoin

Canadian artist, online installation creatorGreenpeace "Satoshi's skull" claimed that he was wrong about the PoW consensus and did not set himself the goal of fighting the mining of the first cryptocurrency at all.

Benjamin von Wong has stated on Twitter that his art project was never intended to combat BTC mining.

“It was an optimistic hope that somedayBitcoin will be able to move away from the unnecessary burning of fossil fuels without losing all the other features that make it safe, reliable, and decentralized,” Wong wrote.

The artist explained that all his life activelyfights for the environment and the reduction of hazardous waste emissions. Therefore, bitcoin mining was for him a classic problem between the protection of nature and man-made pollution. After talking with experts in the crypto industry, Wong, he said, realized the promise of Bitcoin blockchain technology and believes that potentially BTC mining “could become more environmentally friendly” without the need to change the algorithm.

After a sharp reaction from the crypto community, submitGreenpeace USA Special Projects Rolf Skar stated that the intent of the art object “does not necessarily imply that Bitcoin should switch to some existing form of PoS.”

“We point to the fact that otherscrypto projects have realized: PoW has an energy problem. And have changed. Bitcoin is lagging behind and sticking to decade-old technology, while other, newer cryptocurrencies use different consensus mechanisms and reduce carbon emissions,” says Rolf Skar.

Since March 23, Greenpeace has been holding an environmental action in the United States "Change the code, not the climate." As a symbol of hazardous emissions, Greenpeace introduced
installation by Benjamin von Wong "Satoshi's Skull".