November 30, 2023

Russia and China may include BTC in their state reserves

Russia and China may include BTC in their state reserves

Former trader and popular RT presenter Max Kaiser says China and Russia could eventually acceptBitcoin

According to him, Russia and China may add bitcoins to their reserves if the United States returns to the gold standard.

"How can the game unfold: Markets will close; The US will return to gold to stop the runaway dollar race; Russia and China may announce the addition of bitcoin to their strategic reserves. Checkmate!"

Previously, Max Keyser announced that his Bitcoin forecast of $100,000 was too conservative, and he raised it to $400,000.

Keyser is one of the first Bitcoin users to promote cryptocurrencies in his show since 2011. Kaiser often calls the dollar "useless piece of paper, which is not backed up by anything."

Can Russia and China accept bitcoin?

Kaiser's last guess sounds incredible. Back in 2017, China began to displace the crypto business from the country. Even after heading for the blockchain in October 2019, he began to differentiate this technology from cryptocurrencies.

Meanwhile, Russia is also far fromBecome a cryptocurrency hub. Alexey Guznov, head of the legal department of the Bank of Russia, said that "there are great risks in legalizing the circulation of digital currency, both in terms of financial stability and in terms of combating money laundering."

However, it is not known how countries will behave in the current financial crisis and economic uncertainty, perhaps the scenario presented by Max Kaiser has a chance to become a reality.