September 25, 2023

Copy-paste | While the US and Russia are thinking, China could break into the world of blockchain leaders

As the US and Russian authorities continue to be cautious and expectant about digital assets, China is provided with a convenient opportunity to become a winner in the new world race for leadership in the segment of innovative blockchain technologies.

USA smoke aside

The other day, the head of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Christopher Ray once again confirmed the mood of the American authorities regarding the crypto industry.

At a meeting of the US Internal Affairs CommitteeTo security, he called cryptocurrencies a significant threat. In his opinion, the anonymity of cryptocurrencies plays into the hands of the “opponents” of the United States, including terrorists. Ray also warned that this threat would only increase in the future. In this regard, another participant in the meeting, Senator Mitt Romney, raised the issue of the need to introduce any regulatory measures to counter digital assets.

Another strong adversary of cryptocurrencies inThe US remains the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). For more than a year now, she has not missed a single Bitcoin ETF project on the market, having already kicked off dozens of applications for launching such funds, including from the Winklevoss brothers themselves. From the latest news, one can recall the temporary ban imposed by the Commission on the issue of Gram tokens and operations with them. SEC also continues to press the cryptocurrency project Libra. Under pressure from the regulator, the Facebook project was forced to leave first PayPal, and then many other key partners, including Visa and Mastercard.

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