June 14, 2024

LG has created a high-tech home greenhouse

LG has created a high-tech home greenhouse

South Korean company LG created the firsta device that allows you to grow various plants right in the house without much hassle. Such a vertical greenhouse can be used even by people who have no experience in gardening.

The company will present its new product on the technicalCES 2020. According to the developers, in a modular device it will be possible to grow not only herbs, such as lettuce, basil, parsley, arugula, but also vegetables and any other plants.

The home greenhouse will automatically change the internal temperature,humidity, light and irrigation levels depending on the time of day.The user will only need to pour out ready-made bags with seeds, soil and fertilizers, and then simply monitor the harvest using a mobile application.

The device is designed for a maximum of 24 packages withseeds. LG argues that this is sufficient to meet the needs of a family of four, although it does not specify the evaluation criteria used. In any case, everything will depend on the chosen crops and diet.

LG has created a high-tech home greenhouse

The company has not yet disclosed the timing of the release of a home greenhouse on the market and the cost.

This product is intended primarily for people who do not have access to land and those who have switched to a diet rich in plant-based foods, but do not want totillage and weed control.

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