December 8, 2023

Interpol is going to investigate crimes in the metaverses

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Interpol is going to investigate crimes in the metaverses

International law enforcement agencies, represented by Interpol, have begun training personnel in methods of combating criminal activity in the metaverses.

Objective: To identify crimes that may not be considered a crime in physical space, but do representthreat in the virtual.

Interpol's secretary general, Jürgen Stock, explained that it was important for the agency to keep up with technological advances and "respond appropriately to challenges" as criminals began harassing their victims on virtual platforms. 

"We see that our inability to respond in a timely manner affects the credibility of the tools we use, and therefore of Interpol.Especially when crimes are committed on virtual platforms," the Secretary General announced.

Jürgen Stock stressed that "sophisticated and professional" criminals can easily adapt to new technological tools to commit crimes:

"As the number of metaverse users grows, the list of possible crimes will beonly expand to potentially include crimes against children, data theft, money laundering, financial fraud, sexual assault, and more."

At the same time, Interpol's director of technology and innovation, Madan Oberoi, said in a press interview that the agency faces difficulties in determining what exactly it representsTherefore, one of the main tasks for training the department's employees will beraising awareness of possible crimes and preventive measures.

In October last year, Interpol reported
On the creation of a special group on the basis of the Singapore office of the agency to combat crimes in the crypto space.