May 28, 2023

Intel Stops Production of Cryptocurrency Mining Chips

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Intel Stops Production of Cryptocurrency Mining Chips

Just a year ago, Intel launched a line of Blockscale chips specifically for cryptocurrency mining, but management decided to abandon the release of chips for ASIC miners.

According to the representative of the largestmanufacturer of processors for PCs, it was decided to announce the termination of the line of Intel Blockscale 1000 ASIC miners. At the same time, in the coming months, the company will continue to support customers who have already purchased equipment. When asked if there are plans to release next generations of mining chips, the representative said that there are no such plans yet, but “the company will monitor the market situation.”

Recall that the chips of the Intel Blockscale line werelaunched last spring. At the time, Jose Rios, head of blockchain and business solutions at the Intel Computing Group, said that Intel chips "will play a big role for mining companies in achieving their goals." However, during the year, the company's interest in mining declined. The reason for abandoning ASIC miners was also the policy to reduce costs at Intel.

Earlier it was reported that Intel purchased equipment
mining company Hive Blockchain.