June 18, 2024

In India, they set a traffic light that stays red until drivers stop honking

In India, they set a traffic light that stays red until drivers stop honking

Mumbai police begin to deal with constant noiseon the roads with the help of an experimental traffic light in which the red light timer is updated every time drivers start honking loudly.

In most countries, a car hornused as a signal in an emergency or as a warning, but in India people often abuse it, using it to express emotions. As a result, densely populated cities suffer from harmful sound pollution.

To solve this problem, the Mumbai City Police has installeddigital sound level meters at the busiest intersections,by connecting them to the LED display and traffic lights. Every time the noise level reaches 85 dB or higher, the red light timer is updated. At the same time, drivers see the current indicator and the consequences of their actions.

So far, tests have been carried out over15 minutes a day at several intersections, but next month they plan to install similar systems in 10 more places. In the future, the police hope to introduce this practice everywhere.

An incentive for thisThe decision was driven by the fact that Mumbai ranks 4th in the world in terms of traffic load, according to the TomTom index. According to the service, last year, on average, drivers spent about 8 days in traffic jams.

In 2019, France also began to fight noise pollution. In the fall, noise radars were installed in Paris, which automatically fine loud vehicles.