May 25, 2022

How to make a cryptocurrency exchange. Part 1. Introduction


The first video in a series about how to and not to create a cryptocurrency exchange. I will tell in this The series is all I know, and I know a lot. Just my personal experience in this direction. True story, so to speak.

And this series of videos was born approximately like the previous one. About liquidity.From the desire to just free up some time. As in the case of liquidity, students and various teams who want to start making an exchange write to me every month. And all these people want advice.

Now less often, once a month. Previously, in 2020, they wrote three to five times a month. I don't refuse anyone. I advise. But to be honest. Zadolbalo.

Therefore, I will write a series of these videos. And I'll just send them.

I will immediately answer the question: What do they write to you? You're lying!? The dog is grey. Padlyuk!

No.I, at some point in my life, had the imprudence to write about how to do the architecture of the exchange correctly. To date, the post ( ) has been viewed by more than 29 thousand people in the Russian segment of the Internet.

Let me remind you. Basically, our company is a software company. We make custom software.Now we are already trading and everything in a row, but basically - it all started with software. I started with MICEX, NYSE and classic stock exchanges. And he was horrified when orders for robots for crypto exchanges began to arrive. There is no normal API. No co-location zone! If there is API, then there is not a lot of necessary data. Speed ​​- 10 applications per minute maximum on many exchanges. In short, I started to panic.

And now - I wrote a small reviewer for future generations. And ... Even it went too cool. Almost 30 thousand. views. And they began to write to me ...

In short - stop!

In this series of videos I will tell you what I know myself.about the problems you will face. About the problems that I encountered in several projects in which I wanted to participate as an exchange developer.

In general, I will tell you everything I know. I will help all those who suffer.

And now, the first life hack.

Do you want a good API? See how SmartCom is implemented. This is API for connecting to ITI Capital broker. Russian. It supports both SPOT and Futures and Options at the same time.

He has a great description. Which fields should contain certain data types. What should be in them.

I say this because many people in the industry look to Binance. And Binance's API friends are really crappy. Third rate, I would even say so. It is not necessary to do so.

Take the description for SmartCom. Make allowance for the fact that it will be part REST, part WebSockets. And everything will be fine for you!

All successful algorithms!


Friends.SmartLab is the most toxic communication platform I know. Despite this, I love her and will continue to write here. But at the same time I'm trying to get rid of the toxicity in my blog. I have no time to conflict with the psychopaths of Smart-Labovsky and sit down to clean up the comments. I'd rather write or read code. Therefore, I am experimenting with the format.

I'll try next month to open comments only for friends. Perhaps this will turn out to be constructive in my blog.

Add friends - write comments.