February 20, 2024

Forecast: By 2022, Bitcoin will reach $ 100,000

Forecast: By 2022 <span id =</span>Bitcoin will reach $100,000" /></p>

The creator of one of the most historically accurate bitcoin price prediction models is confident that BTC will reach 2022$100,000 mark.

In an interview with Global Macro Investor founder Raul Pal, PlanB, the author of the Stock-to-Flow tool, said he previously "did not expect BTC to reach a six-figure figure."

Now he confidently predicts take-off to $ 100,000 and even higher by 2022. The driving force behind the sharp increase in the price of military-technical cooperation will be the May Halgving of the coin.

PlanB is respected by the community forthe accuracy with which Stock-to-Flow tracked the movement of the first cryptocurrency. And now the trader notes that if his forecast is not accurate, then the model of the MTC movement associated with the dynamics of the stock market behavior will be erroneous.

His predictions are shocking, but these models provide a convincing argument in favor of the beginning of the parabolic phase after May 2020, then it will be possible to verify the reliability of the model.

A similar forecast was recently voiced by another well-known trader Crypto Rand. The upcoming halving will reduce the activity of miners and provoke a shortage of the first cryptocurrency on the market. By his logic:

In 2012, halving reduced MTC production by $ 302,400 per week.
In 2016, the decrease was $ 8,190,000 per week.
The halving of 2020 will be the most significant and will reduce new deliveries of military-technical cooperation by $ 63 million per week.